A word from the owner of City Salon Spa, Inc.,  who is a well-known beauty consultant working on improving/correcting skin conditions/problems:

"Our goal at City Salon Spa is to provide excellent service, leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalized.
Before providing any services, our staff will offer a personalized consultation prior to any treatment.
We are a full-service beauty salon dedicated in meeting your needs."

Joanna Aroutioiunian.

More about City Salon Spa

City Salon Spa is committed to providing the best services to our customers. We strive to provided ongoing education to customers about services, products, and changes in the beauty industry i.e. styles, trends, colors, and cuts. Our responsibility to our customers is to maintain a good reputation for quality services in our salon. We are committed to performing exceptional services while also providing our customers with great support.

At City Salon Spa, mediocrity is not accepted. We are extremely educated about our industry and uphold exceptional standards for quality and superiority.

Life and Style Mission

We believe that to practice a balanced, healthy lifestyle is the most unselfish and important gift that can be given to our family, our friends and ourselves. We also recognize that we all get caught up too easily in the time challenges of being exemplary leaders in our families, in our professions, in our communities and sports groups and in our religious affiliations, to the detriment of prioritizing our own health and being good examples for our children.

Life and Style Vision

Our Vision in the health and fitness profession is to select clients who are ready to introduce the components of a healthy lifestyle into their day to day living with balance and discretion. We are happy to accept clients who are ready to embrace the philosophy that every day, every choice matters; there is no magic formula but to participate in life and respect our bodies for the amazing organisms that they are. Through fun, education and a positive outlook, we progressively integrate personal responsibility and accountability, prioritization and selection strategies that produce a healthy lifestyle in our lives and in the lives of the generations who depend on our guidance and leadership.

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